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Up Helly Aa: Part 2 – The procession.
Up Helly Aa: Part 1 – The Vikings have landed.
InstagramCapture_e1eab16f-4dfc-4aac-b104-28845653ca6e_jpg Social Mobile Apps – Live Mobile Demo

Attached you will find a live working version of the mobile portion of my concept for the Tesco Bank Loan journey. The Following Journey is what is currently prototyped: Close menu with menu icon on title bar Click ‘I would like to find a loan’ Enter an amount in the box (£3000-£4999 currently prototyped) Click (click for more)…

InstagramCapture_86e4ef8f-48d7-48d2-8fe0-aca482507a64_jpg Social Mobile Apps – Design

Currently, tesco do not use their branding to its full ability when it come to the design of its site. The site is  a mix of interesting styles, colours and imagery. This post describes the current usage, and compares it to the new, suggested style. Colour Currently, the website does not play much on the (click for more)…

InstagramCapture_6a5fa56b-74d2-467a-9c7b-fa05c2c34de4_jpg Social Mobile Apps – Wireframing

To begin the process of designing the responsive site, I first focused on designing a structure that would work for the mobile site. I started by creating a series of basic wireframes which would help me to visualise the layout and design structure of the pages. To create these wireframes, I used the online wireframing (click for more)…

Magpile.com – A great way to discover new indie magazines online!

Social Mobile Apps – Mission Statement

For the brief, we have been asked to outline a mission statement, that clearly identifies what we wish to tackle on the project. – For this brief there are 3 things I want to tackle. First, I want to discover more about Responsive Web Design. I plan to create a responsive design, that will work (click for more)…

Social Mobile Apps – Client Visit

Today during our lecture, the gentlemen from Tesco who set us the brief came in to visit, and to clarify and answer any points/questions we had for them. This session was highly engaging, and a great chance to find out more about what they do.  31% of this trade comes from a mobile device We (click for more)…

Cannot believe that January is finished already!! Lots happening, and some great photographs from Shetland’s Up Helly Aa coming soon!

WP_20140202_18_40_36_Pro20140202184217 Social Mobile Apps – Responsive Web Design Submission

In this post, I aim to explain, and compare the current use of responsive web design, with an emphasis on its unimaginative usage in the mobile Banking sector. WHAT IS RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN In a concise sentence, responsive web design is the ‘appropriate reorganization of content, and change in style necessary to allow a website (click for more)…